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Criminal Law Journal37 Crim LJ 219 [PDF]2013
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Jurisdiction over criminal acts on cruise ships: Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps?
Criminal Law Journal37 Crim LJ 221 [PDF]LEWINS, Kate; GASKELL, Nick2013
Jurisdiction to prosecute criminal acts committed at sea of states other than flag state - comparison of extra-territorial operation in domestic laws of four states - cruise ship regulation in the United States - introduction of European guidelines - move towards regulation of cruise ships in Australia.
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Involving juries in sentencing: Insights from the Tasmanian jury study
Criminal Law Journal37 Crim LJ 246 [PDF]WARNER, Kate; DAVIS, Julia2013
Findings from Tasmanian jury sentencing study - debate surrounding proposals to allow jury involvement in sentencing - NSW Law Reform Commission recommendations - practical and procedural difficulties - fairness in sentencing.
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Case and comment
Criminal Law Journal37 Crim LJ 257 [PDF]2013
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Phillips' brief
Criminal Law Journal37 Crim LJ 267 [PDF]2013
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Digest of recent criminal cases
Criminal Law Journal37 Crim LJ 269 [PDF]2013
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Showing documents from 1 to 6 of total 6 hits